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Aeroponics Hellas P.C. is a pioneering Greek Startup company located in Patras Science Park, Greece. It has a leading know-how in aeroponics, the future cultivation technique for land and space crops over the next decades. It has also leading know-how

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Our mission

Future Agriculture (earth and space) Producing more with less limiting environmental impact Delicious fruits and veggies Safe, Nutritious and Fresh We blend agricultural traditions and a passion for high quality fruits and veggies with scientific cutting-edge technology.

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Aeroponics Hellas P.C. offers know-how and innovative applications for: The development and operation of Aeroponics Plant Cultivation business units in greenhouses or in cities (City Farms, vertical Farms, visitable farms, etc.). The development and operation of Aeroponics

Our Company offers integrated solutions and expertise (Ecogreen Smart Technologies) in the installation, operation and support of Aeroponic and Hydroponic Cultivation production units.

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What is Aeroponics

Aeroponics Roots

The term Aeroponic (derived from the Greek language, that is, from the Greek terms aeras (air) and ponos (pain, work, labor).

Aeroponics is considered the most modern and promising farming technique of the future for the terrestrial and space plants growth, with minimal environmental footprint.

It is considered the cultivation method of the future with the greatest reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and the greatest contribution to reducing climate change.

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